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You own a Picasso worth a real fortune and you have cold feet shipping? Don’t worry, your valuables are 100% insured. We provide proof of insurance.

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Sell-Collectibles is better than any auction. You know exactly how much you will get paid and when. No deductions and no bad terms hiding in the fine print.

There are so many reasons why people have plans to sell collectibles. While some inherited collectibles others just gave up collecting. No matter what reason you strives, is the best place to sell collectibles online.

We are not a next door pawn shop or antiques dealer looking for bargains. Our company philosophy ensures you to get paid a fair price for your valuables. We provide our experts a very clean facility with a vast literature collection and latest high-tech equipment making it possible to do evaluations very quickly.

Appraisers working with an oil painting

Antiques & Art

We buy: art nouveau, art deco, old masters, 20th century art, glass, porcelain, icons, master drawings, contemporary art, posters, prints, stamps, letters, postcards, Native American art, watercolors and more.

Jewelry & Coins

We buy: fine jewelry, diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, gemstone jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, necklaces, pendants, rings, brooches, pins, medals, gold coins, silver coins, palladium coins, platinum coins, antique coins, graded coins, rare coins, ancient coins, modern coins and much more.

Featured Work

“Paintings are my life. They fascinate me, they touch me, they make me think. I work with art and paintings my whole life and I bring in international experience from Geneva and Hong Kong.”


“I’m responsible for vintage and antique jewelry. I have a huge passion for both, the jewelry and our customers. I promise to go above and beyond if you decide to work with our company.”


“Collectibles can talk (to me). They don’t only tell us more about our past, they may reveal a secret from its previous owner. I work over 30 years with collectibles and will do my best to assist you.”


Estimates Are Free

Actually, the evaluation of collectibles and other assets is not very sophisticated unless the item you deliver is extremely rare, extremely old or extremely unique. Besides high-tech equipment like X-ray machines making it easy to determine both the age of an item or its chemical composition, literature is most important.

Our company has its own library with tons of books – millions of pages – providing our experts literature from all over the world. Books, encyclopedias, magazines, auction catalogs, newspapers, press releases, and much more is accessible just by switching from the laboratory to the library. And our vast collection of literature is constantly growing.

What makes your items valuable? Here are some facts our experts check immediately: demand, supply and availability, condition, serial number, historical value, age, material, craftsmanship, grade, source, quality and provenience.

It really depends on the item our experts have to evaluate.


Selling is easy-peasy and without obligations.

It’s easy like 1-2-3 to sell collectibles, antiques, and other valuables with us.

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