The Tradition Of Class Rings

A tradition- in the United States, rings are typically given as a graduation gift by parents for their children when they finish high school or college. The rings have evolved, starting with simple class ring symbols that have been made more elaborate over the years. Today, students choose from many designs from colleges, universities, bands, organizations, and others. In this article, you will learn about the history of US rings, when the rings are bought, and what they mean to many people. It will be an informative article that also has some fun facts.

Class Rings In The US

Schools in the US have a class ring tradition, including high school and college students and alumni. Class rings are also referred to as graduation, graduate, senior, or grad ring. The tradition began at the United States Military Academy in West Point in 1835. In the United States, it is traditional for graduating students to receive rings from their school. The most recognized manufacturer of class rings in the US, is Jostens.

The rings symbolize their connection to the institution and pride in having attended. The tradition started with class rings but has expanded to rounds for graduating seniors, alumni, and others who have been associated with the institution.

The ring is worn on various occasions, depending on the school. Some schools will celebrate graduating students with a special dinner or ceremony, in which the ring is worn for the entire evening. Other schools attend to the ring by giving out their grads with separate awards during a graduation ceremony.

The traditional colors of a class ring are black and silver, but many people have been known to have custom rings made with other colors or patterns. Many people also choose to order class rings in gold, platinum, and diamonds  — though this is not an official tradition. The wearer may choose from various designs and styles that depend on their preference and spirit to graduate rings. Some designs and options are customized according to your taste and preference.

The Tradition Of College Rings

College ring traditions tend to be less formal than high school ring traditions. There are no customs or rules associated with them. The style of the ring and the design will depend on the individual’s taste and preference. However, some students choose from a minimal number of methods to keep their traditions consistent with those of other people in their program or class.

College rings are bought and presented by the school in their official colours. The colours of a college ring generally include gold, silver, or bronze. They are worn when celebrating college achievements, representing the school and class at social events, or showing off to other students. Like high school class rings, a college ring is an excellent gift for graduating seniors and individuals who are celebrating their achievement in education. College rings signify completing a degree, which is one of the crucial achievements in life. School rings provide a sense of belonging to a community and connect with people who share similar interests.

The Tradition Of University Rings

The elements of a university ring are similar to those of a graduating class ring, consisting of an emblem, text, and shield. The school logo often appears on both sides of the ring. University Rings are a symbol of the pride in the school and its mission. These rings are bought by students who have a particular affinity for their university, and so they wish to be connected with it for their entire lives.

University Rings are worn during special occasions where members of the same class (freshman, sophomore, junior, etc.), university programs, or clubs participate in activities or celebratory events.  Many alumni wear their university rings and other kinds of rounds, such as class rings and wedding rings.


Class rings, college rings, and university rings are symbols of growth, change, and an essential part of life. These rings are worn on special occasions when people celebrate their achievements with other people. The size and complexity of the ring may vary according to each individual’s taste and preferences. However, the school’s colors will always remain a constant element in its design. Each ring adds a unique touch to its wearer’s personality. Class rings can also be seen as an investment if they are made of gold. It’s easy to sell a ring and may help you over some financial difficulties.