The Tradition Of Class Rings

Class Rings – A Long-Standing Symbol of Academic Achievement and American Pride

Class rings have become a long-standing symbol of academic achievement and American pride. Dating back to the mid-1800s, class rings were first made to commemorate high school graduation. Although they are mainly associated with high school, college, and university graduations today, rings have also been used to identify a university’s classes since the 1400s. In the United States, the class ring tradition can be traced back to 1886, when a nephew of Harvard University’s president gave a gold Harvard class ring to his cousin, marking the first time a university had given out class rings. United States, it is traditional for graduating students to receive rings from their school. The most recognized manufacturer of class rings in the US, is Jostens.

10k gold and 14k gold class rings
Various class rings in 10k gold and 14k gold

Class rings are designed to represent academic successes with a tangible, portable item. They have long-recognized engraved designs that often include the school’s mascot, school name, class year, student’s name, initials, or an inspirational phrase like “strength,” “courage,” or “hope.” They come in a wide variety of metals, from gold to silver, bronze, platinum, palladium plus, or stainless steel. More recently, class rings have adopted contemporary touches, such as adding an individual’s birthstone or a personal photo.
While the tradition of class rings remains largely unchanged, there have been a few significant changes to the rings themselves over the years. As mentioned previously, many students now have the option to personalize their rings. However, the main change has been the evolution of the way class rings are manufactured. In the past, class rings were all handcrafted, a labor-intensive process that often took months to complete. Nowadays, rings are mass-produced using a variety of metals and molding techniques, which has helped to reduce manufacturing time and costs.

Class Rings – A Heirloom

Class rings often serve as more than just a physical reminder of academic success, however. Many times, class rings become heirlooms that are passed on from one generation to the next. They serve as a physical reminder of a student’s academic journey. Many people even pass down their class ring to an immediate family member, such as a son or daughter, to carry on the family tradition.

Class rings are a physical reminder of all the hard work and dedication that comes with achieving an academic success. They are a symbol of one’s academic accomplishments, as well as a way to commemorate the journey along the way. Many students today opt for class rings because they are a keepsake that can be worn and cherished for years to come. And with the growing trend of personalized touches, class rings are becoming even more meaningful for the wearers. Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or university, a class ring is a great way to celebrate your success and show your pride.

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